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Outdoor Wicker Chairs

Wicker is a woven 'fabric' of varying fiber dating back at least to ancient Egypt. Except for size of the materials used, it is identical to the methods used to make baskets and mats going back to the Stone Age. The most common use for wicker today is furniture.Woven wood and reed furniture was found in Pompeii, depicted on Egyptian murals, used by roman emperors to create their own royal style of furniture. Wicker came across the sea on the Mayflower.Outdoor wicker chairs can be made of rattan (a type of palm); bamboo or other cane; willow switches; some varieties of reed; or now, even plastic resin. They are comfortable, homey and lightweight. They can be spray painted, but most prefer the natural color of the materials used. Well-made wicker furniture is low maintenance and long lasting. Outdoor wicker chairs have changed over the generations. Currently, they have a clean, contemporary, utilitarian look. Curves are small, and the framework is often stackable. The Victorian era was more extravagant in term...


Painted Adirondack Chairs - Carefree And Fun

One of the great things about Adirondack Chairs is you can do so much with them. Whether you use them indoors to create a beachside retreat or outdoors for entertaining, they are one of the most versatile and flexible forms of seating invented. Painted Adirondack Chairs are particularly popular these days. And given the artistic nature of the artists who paint them, one can understand why. Available in a rainbow of colors, painted Adirondack Chairs allow you to show your sense of style, your sense of humor or your passion for your favorite pastime. The artisans who paint these chairs cover nearly every subject imaginable, from the scenic to the whimsical. For example, if you have a passion for fishing, you can order painted Adirondack Chairs featuring a big mouth bass or big game sailfish jumping out of the water. Love to dive? There are painted Adirondack Chairs filled with clownfish and seahorses. You'll even find sea life "swimming" on the arm rests. If you're a budding beach bum, there are plenty of p...


What to Use to Clean Cloth Patio Furniture

Just like your indoor furniture, outdoor patio furniture needs a little tender loving care now and then to keep it clean and comfortable year round. There's been some mystery surrounding the cleaning of cushions. While there's lots of information about keeping the wood or steel surfaces of patio furniture clean, cleaning cushions hasn't gotten as much press. The good news is that it's not that hard to keep your cushions in top form. There are plenty of great cleaners out on the market that are made especially for outdoor furniture and familiar household cleaning solutions will do the trick, too. The first order of business is to get all the stains out of the cushions. Usually, stains can be removed with a mixture of two tablespoons of baking soda to a half gallon of hot water. Using a brush with fairly stiff bristles, work the solution into the stain. Let it set for a while, the wash it thoroughly. Keep repeating this process until the stain is removed. If there are really tough stains you can try lemon juice...


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